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360 degree views of skull images illustrating technical and medical features

including apparent biological sex and ethnicity

These skull photos are standardised in terms of lighting, lens and photographic technique in order to maximise the ability to compare features between individual skulls. These are from anatomy teaching subjects. Each has been given a "nickname", to make reference easier. This does not reflect any information about their life.

  • Skull B3R7 is from an adult male. He had the "aviator glasses" eye shape and high nasal shape indicating his European ancestry. He had good teeth, pronounced eye brow ridges, jaw bone and other male features. 

  • Skull BB08 is from an adult middle-aged female. She has the rounded eyes, broader nasal passage, prognathism and high prominent back of head that indicates her African ancestry. She had excellent teeth with fully erupted wisdom teeth and low but sharp crowns.

  • Skull FR30 is that of a young male. His squarer eye shape, tear drop nasal passage and overall gracile bone structure indicates his Indian subcontinent ancestry. His broken front teeth show a broad tooth canal, indicative of younger age. His teeth staining suggests a habit in life of chewing betel nuts.

  • Skull NC1K is from a middle aged male. His tall nose and rounded eyes are different from "B3R7", but still typical of European ancestry, as is the overall rounded shape of his skull. He had filled molars in life, probably from a hand drill. Some front teeth have been broken whilst the skull has been used as a teaching instrument - these have been repaired in a careful, but reversible manner.

To aid study, each photo will form a full page image when clicked on. However, they are not available to download. Please contact the skeleton photographer at OSTEO PHOTO to ask for any commercial or non-study use of these images.

For more information on determining sex, see also the sex determination from a skull page in the ARCHAEOLOGY section.

© 2020 Sue Jones -  Contact the skeleton photographer at OSTEO PHOTO for help creating clear, compelling images.
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