Hi. I'm Sue Jones.

The Skeleton Photographer


I work with museums, academics and university demonstrators to document and highlight their collections for teaching and publication.

I am a trained scientist, earning a B.A. from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences in 1993.

I have retrained as a photographer, earning my ARPS from the Royal Photographic Society in 2010 and a B.A. Hons from University of Creative Arts in 2017.

I have a passionate interest in osteology, and telling human stories as part of the death positive movement. I co-founded and organised events for Dying for Life in Cambridge, 2017-present.

I also still keep alive many aspects of historic photography - from wetplate to the darkroom.


Full scale and colour documentation. Resolution and resizing for printing and publishing. 300dpi, 72dpi, CMYK, RGB, Adobe Colour. JPEG and TIFF resizing.
Engaging, direct publicity images. Skulls made to look sympathetic, emotional, happy, human.
High resolution images showing pathology and osteological changes. Crisp detail and controlled lighting to highlight important features.
Skull photography set at the Frankfurt plane for facial reconstruction. 3D modelling on request.
1:1 and more macro photography. Capture every detail needed for your requirements.
Documentation and capture of public outreach events. Advice and help with marketing and channels.
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